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The day is near, the weekend is about to arrive, but never have that effect been discussed. Yeah, I am not talking about the day. Here’s some things to ponder about. Some stuffs some people should know about the general sex or gender of this world. Transgender though is another topic altogether, so don’t let me go there first, maybe next time.

Guys will mainly be guys and girls will usually be girls. (duh… that’s so factual) but let’s face it, let’s discuss it based on how one gender would react to certain situations and how the opposite gender will respond in another way. Here’s some obvious simulation.

When guys get into a competition, they compete where when there is one victor the loser backs out usually. It’s like when I win, I win, when I lose, I lose. The most also ask for a rematch. Well, the drive of competition is strong within guys.

Now girls in a competition, they don’t have that competitive feeling after a match. Though they will forever remember that opposition for beating them.

Kiss And Make Up
Some guys can kiss and make up, well not all can though

So put it in a more practical way, guys don’t usually bothered about petty stuffs and things which they can just put it behind as long they get the reward after it, let’s say a feast after that. While girls care for stuffs which guys think are just something normal that occurred amongst themselves. So before you start telling me I am wrong or something, observe this scenario.

A guy says he has no worries if another guy he knows for quite awhile suddenly talk bad about him, cause he can’t be bothered about it at all. Why bother stuffs that are like that? So very unmanly like. But as always girls (mostly) or since I am using guys might as well use ladies… they tend to remember that and start trying to bad mouth back or simply just can’t forget.

In short guys have tendency to forgive without accepting any apology while girls will have the feeling otherwise. Now tell me, I am sure lots of you people out there know why I implied this.

Many people may agree with me or disagree, but since I am a guy I just love feedbacks but any bad mouthing of my article, I just treat it like a gust of wind. It’s a guys attitude, so you want to say something bad, you can do it on the comments page, like what some people did on my previous post on the emo thingy. So whatever I write at least is something general. Oh, but it’s so gay when you see female bloggers writing some stuffs that they think is correct and pouring out their thoughts, but when you comment something about it, saying they’re not right and stuffs, they go all out to prove you’re wrong. I find it a tad bit childish. Is like they have one kind of reputation they need to protect.

Follow Your Dreams William Hung

Now here we go on to males are simple beings while female are complicated beings. Here is just a simple analogy of what guys do and think while girls do and think. So if you want to say your thoughts, why not write it down below. I might miss out a lot. Please be constructive when you post, or your comments will be ignored by me.

Here’s an excerpt from one of my MSN messages with random friends.
Daniel says:
why girls hor.. they say no can means yes
Daniel says:
and yes can means no
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
but sometimes also yes means yes and no means no
Daniel says:
i told my fren this, then i said hor…. no wonder guys die young, they have to crack their head to choose one of the choice questions
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
tat wan true
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
i aso knot help u
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
cause i mean tat aso
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
: P
Daniel says:
see see…. hahaha guys die early coz of that
Daniel says:
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
yes they all
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
l a t s. – はちみつ*きょう も げんきだ’’’ said
anyway guys die b4 their wives wad

My reaction… *sweats*

Notes from the Author

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Sometimes I wished I was a copywriter rather than a software developer, but compared to other copywriters out there, I am just a minnow in the midst of them.

The author writes on revelation he receives from his foresight of events and stuffs, should you love to hear more and would love me to write on certain articles for you, you may approach me by emailing me at and we could discuss some proposition over a cup of coffee or virtual drinks.


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