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Happy Birthday To Jane

After evaluating the recent short so called fame I had, I was trying to understand, what it means to be a celebrity blogger. Well, back then most of my posts has been rants and my point of view on life, food stuffs and some crappy stuffs. After that newspaper article I guessed it’s time for me to think what makes a blogger a celebrity.

I would also like to thank all those who gave me some words of encouragement, be it positive or a positive critism. Well, I love to know what I can improve on. Not every person learns something in an instant.

Everyone has it’s uniqueness, well, as mentioned, Kenny Sia uses his way of presenting things in an interesting way, with his quick wit and his play on certain issues, no wonder people are so into his blog. Well, how about blogger cum politician Jeff Ooi, he started his blog with his photos and then his blog became more of a political point of view blog. Yes, I can see all of them are unique. How about the Jason Goh of His photos… and his signature JUMP and LEAP. Guessed everyone has what it takes to be identified with the public.

Wondering Daniel

I don’t jump as much as SmashPop (I failed in jumping) and I don’t blog as so called creative as Kenny Sia, heck, what can I do? I am glad someone told me that it’s never easy to be a celebrity blogger, but I think I wouldn’t have that chance to say it elsewhere if it wasn’t for The Star. I know that this won’t really get me anywhere with the girls where I can sit and watch them like I own the world.

People ask me again, why don’t you get your blog name as, HELLLO….. I actually wanted to, but you see, that domain name was bought by someone else just when I wanted to get it. Dang… now I am stuck with But why the name Weird Weird Denial? Answer : I deny that everything’s weird two times. But of course what people deem weird to them, I deny that it’s weird. You know, not many people will do the things I do when I am on a trip with friends.

Hugging A Tree Pose
Some Weird Things I Happened To Perform

But not all things are weird, there are few outings which are taken of me not doing something weird. Oh my, like the day I hiked up Bukit Tabur, the day I went diving in Redang, and of course the countless gatherings (countable I think) I went with Shouters of ShoutOut.

Male Shouters
The Guys of ShoutOut

Bukit Tabur Climb with LYN members
The Hill Climb of Bukit Tabur April 2006
From left : Jui Chuan, Me, Eugene

Cameron Highland Pose With Cactus
In Cameron Highlands, those days!!

But well, a resolution is not a resolution if I don’t dream towards it. I find that some people are now wondering the different change of style in blogging since the first post of this blog. As every blogger out there, they learn to mature and grow and improve. So what say you?


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