How Young Can You Be

You know people say that it’s a gift, that the older you get, you’ll look mature that it’s a special heritage. Well, so far that applies when you’re 18 or towards 25 for guys. Why would I say that, then it’ll be easier to jump into sales and marketing line to convince your clients and and and somehow it’s easier to get along with the girls during those age group.

Okay, before you go kill me off for saying some bullshit crap or something like that, hear my views and understand them. After talking to those age group, of 20 to 24, most of them prefer guys that look mature. Here’s the reason why? Guys, this is one proper explanation which sometimes baffle the majority of you guys out there. Guys should look mature, so that people wouldn’t think the girl is older than them and thus it gives them like he’s the man kind of feeling.

Still don’t understand then you can actually see for yourself. Now let’s get back to another view, but wait…. what if when the male counterpart has gone past the age of 30 and the female counterpart is approaching 30s along with their other friends with their male companions. Now this is where the difference is. The guy who was deemed younger those days now even looks 20 plus for their age and while those who look mature and older during the younger days somehow looks so old. By that time, you’ll think one is the father with a young maiden.

Old Man Young Woman

Though some may argue, it’s good for the wife or gf of older looking guys, because like this the man doesn’t have that usual anymore youthful sexual attraction. In a way it’s a double edged sword. This doesn’t apply for those that has the money. Well, like some people said, “You ain’t old when you’re 40 with cash

See my point? So is it a blessing to look younger or older? So if you were to compare yourself with the rest out there, do you think you’re older looking or younger looking or you look your age that type. I guessed for me, the answer is obvious. If you know my age, you would know that which class I am in. Just so that I don’t boggle your mind again, here’s a simple shot.

danielctw pretending to be young

So it’s a gift or a curse? That’s for you people to say….


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