Lee Sinje in Mid Valley

It so happens that I was in Mid Valley during that day, and then I noticed a very large amount of crowd there. To my delight, I saw none other than Lee Sinje on the stage. Well, what more, take out my trusted D40 and proceed to shoot, though I wasted 15 minutes of it as I forgotten that I left my memory card in the other bag and it’s in the car.

Nevertheless, Lee Sinje is one moment never to be missed. How about some photos.

Lee Sin Je Top View

Taken away from the crowd, this shot was shot at the floor above the center court. If you’re wondering, she’s here as an ambassador for SK-II to unveil some mystery bottle. Who is she? She’s the main actress for the movie “The Eye“.

The Eye Scene
One of the scenes from the movie “The Eye“.

Also known as Angelica Lee, Sinje has been the face of SKII. So I was there to capture some facial expressions of her for mementos. Well, not everytime you get to meet a celebrity don’t we. Especially when you’re not one of the upper ups.

Angelica Lee Sin Je Expressions

She has changed from the previous longer hair into a shorter hair but she’s still top notch. It wasn’t easy capturing these shots since I wasn’t with the Media team that are hording the front row, and for me to rely on my 55-200mm VR lens to capture these shots.

Just so happens I got one close shot while she was walking towards my way.

Lee Sin Je Close up

The only shot I have. No flash, so have to make do with it. Now wouldn’t it be nice if I have the 70-200mm f/2.8 VR lens. Lee Sinje~~~~~ now you wonder SKII really work wonders for one’s skin. Smooth~~~~

ps : Temporary filler for my next upcoming post 😀


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