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Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for Business Owners to earn more $$$$$$. Don’t you think so?

Haven’t been food hunting for awhile ever since I hardly contact the food hunters, so thus it’s time for me to start moving about and start finding some stuffs to eat. So then off I go to Little Vietnam, situated in Mid Valley megamall. Oh? Little Vietnam, I thought there was only Little Taiwan there at first. Now there is an eatery called Little Vietnam.

Little Vietnam

Most of my gatherings in Mid Valley is usually held at Little Penang. *huh??? Little again???* ( I am starting to think that these three are related, well maybe they are, but what the heck, let’s get back to Little Vietnam) So then, being in Little Vietnam, I was expecting Vietnamese ladies being the waitress there, and somehow they do look authentically Vietnamese. Well, good impression. So off to some Vietnamese cuisine.

When I first step into the restaurant, okay, maybe it’s rare that I go into a Vietname restaurant, I thought I could just imagine the Vietnam feeling. That I thought I was welcomed to Vietnam itself.

Welcome To Vietnam
A little Over Exaggerated Kind of Feeling

As always, Vietnamese dishes reminds me of Beef, (don’t know why), so I proceeded to get my Vietnamese Beef dish.

Vietnam Beef Rice

Not the best of picture, but it’ll do. Not one to complaint since I was practically hungry when I finally found a place to sit down and have some food. Another 2 ordered something else, and somehow I felt that maybe I need another dish.

Curry Chicken Rice

The Curry Chicken Rice with some Lemon Grass seems spicy enough. Though maybe not for those who are afraid of the amount of oil on the curry. Weird, how come there’s a curry chicken rice, why even order this? I thought vermicelli is one of the key dishes in a Vietnamese cuisine. Of course it is, just that most of us are too hungry. So that also concludes the last final food.

Vietnamese Fried Rice

Of all the dishes, I think I love this the best. Maybe because it’s the most presentable one. Chicken Strips Fried Rice. Not bad of all the rice dish.

Conclusion, if you’re a big eater, you will never have enough if you were to order just one main dish. Due to the size of it. Of course, I could eat 2 Carl’s Junior burger, so maybe I can’t compare to how big is big. For the price, rice dishes cost about RM9.90 till RM18. I might even go back there to try the vermicelli dishes.

If you still can’t find this place, here’s the exact location.

Located on the highest floor of Midvalley (same floor with GSC Midvalley)
3rd floor, just a few walk away from GSC Cinema @ Mid Valley Megamall


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