Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶 Live In Malaysia

It was 23rd April 2010, Daniel Chew or known as DanielCtw got invites for Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶 Live in Malaysia Complimentary Ticket and went to watch her concert at Dragonfly KL Dance Club. Well, all this thanks to dearest Yen who got me the complimentary tickets.

Sa Ding Ding Live In Malaysia Invite

Without knowing at first who was this artiste, a background check was done to see what would be in store when attending this concert. Well, little did I know, her songs were nominated for Grammy Awards.

Here’s a simple background of Sa Ding Ding.

Chinese name: 薩頂頂 (Traditional)
Chinese name: 萨顶顶 (Simplified)
DOB: December 27, 1983 (1983-12-27) (age 26) Inner Mongolia
Occupation: Singer, composer, songwriter, record producer, choreographer

Now that we have a few background on Sa Ding Ding, it’s time to see what’s the view like in Dragonfly Club. Though darn, have to pay RM30 entrance fee to the club (get 2 drinks) before getting to see Sa Ding Ding live.

Sa Ding Ding Live Concert in Malaysia

Sa Ding Ding arrives for the opening song. Noticed the amount of people with cameras in the crowd. DanielCtw did not get to stand with them as he prefers going further thus with an ISO of 1600, shot this shot from very far. Well, with only a 55-200mm f/4.2 – f/5.6 and NO FLASH, it’s the best he can do.

So what? Shots can still be stunning. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Sa Ding Ding Close Up

A simple close up shot of Sa Ding Ding.

Sa Ding Ding 萨顶顶 Relaxes in Concert in Malaysia

After presenting her first number, she sort of relaxed and talked to the crowd.

Sa Ding Ding Does a Dance

Darn camera piece down there.

Sa Ding Ding Reflection on Mirror

To avoid the other cameras, A reflective shot was taken on the glass panel of Sa Ding Ding (萨顶顶).

Sa Ding Ding sang songs that are so called unheard of, with songs created in her own language unknown to other mankind. The artist also knows how to have fun with the audience and danced like she’s in a trance and I was glad I got to go for this concert. Okay okay, she’s pretty la…. I know I know.

Finally she went back stage and brought a prop, a tambourine. While entertaining the crowd, she danced and danced for a long time with the tambourine.

Sa Ding Ding with Tamborine

I wished the stage was higher.

Sa Ding Ding with Guitarist

Of course, she really does know how to have fun with all the band members. Dancing to the beat of the guitar. Cool eh…

Though there is one time she looked like one of the artiste that I like. None other than….

Sa Ding Ding looks like Kwon Boa

Kwon Boa. Well, it’s still Sa Ding Ding though. Was expecting she would be changing costumes at certain time, but looks like it never happened.  Well, while on stage, Sa Ding Ding talked about how this is her first visit to Malaysia and hope that the audience would love to listen to her music. She explains how it’s so hot in Malaysia unlike where she comes from.

Towards the ending of her final song, she waves to the crowd and does what she does best, entertaining the crowd with her bizarre and weird music which the WEIRD ONE enjoyed. Well, of course, I enjoyed the concert, I even dance to a beat while on the camera (Jason who tagged along thought otherwise though).

Finally with the ending of the final song, she presented to us all her band.

Applause for Sa Ding Ding and Band

Left : Keyboarder, Drummer, Sa Ding Ding, Chinese Instrument, Guitarist

Finally time to leave the stage. Though after 5 seconds, a partial of the crowd yelled “Encore!“. The DJ there asked everyone to be silent so that Sa Ding Ding would give a final performance before leaving. After about 10 seconds of silence in the club (yes.. imagine silence in a clubbing area) Sa Ding Ding appeared once more. She sang a romantic love song and this time the crowd took part as the waved and swayed their hands.

Sa Ding Ding Hands Up

Definitely a concert worth watching. Well, for me that is. Well, unlike those who got to watch Kelly Clarkson, I get to watch this instead. Nearly wanted to buy Sa Ding Ding’s DVD + CD album at a promotional RM40. Too bad not enough cash. Darn.


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