Roxy Summer Splash 2008 Finale

After some response from MSN and a special request from someone who couldn’t make it to the ROXY Summer Splash Event.


Hitz FM Crew
So are you people ready???????

Here comes the volunteers…. for some ROXY Game Events.

Participants at Sunway Lagoon

So there were volunteers….

The Crowd Was Silent

The Crowds Are Waiting Vigorously….

Crowded Area

The crowd grew restless….

Volunteer On Stage ROXY
WOOTS!!! Another Volunteer From The Crowd Doing Her Dance Moves

The crowd shows their enthusiastness…

We Offer Our Sacrifice
Sacrifice On The Way

Dang Hand….. second take…..

Body On Crowd
Dang Focus

Dang Focus, just on the verge of getting a shot… and up goes Pentax *sweats*

Engku Ahmad Shafiq
I Have Arrrived!!!!!!

One of the Contestants Of ROXY Summer Hunks on stage…. but wait… one of the online crowd (girl’s) favorites is coming up…

Zoran has arrived
Here Comes ZORAN!!

Zoran has arrived…. crowd goes wild, and finally after all the yakitty yak, mish mor mor, techiedan….it was time to announce the winner of Malaysia’s Seventeen Summer Hunk 2008

Summer Hunk Champion Engku Ahmad Shafiq

Engku Ahmad Shafiq has won it, with his physiques, he was simply the most toned body of all the guys out there. But the crowd are still going… what’s with their cry……. YES!!! Where are the Summer Girls???

Seventeen Roxy Cover Girls

The Cover Girls Are Here!!! What a surpise…. one is missing from this lineup, who is she??

Juria Aida Hartmans
Juria Aida Hartmans On The Way

—– “Sorry people, I was late, I need to make a grand entry!!!” ——–

The crowd goes wild, who will be ROXY Seventeen’s Cover Girl?? This was the climax of the moment. Many people were waiting for this moment……

Seventeen Cover Girl 2008 Winner

The Result was Juanita has won it!!!!! Wheee~~~~ Not like nobody knows about it since I blogged about the result a few post back.

ps : By the way, to avoid confusion, contestants for the hunk and babes age ranging from 16 – 20. It’s not really 17 ><

pss : In case you’ve noticed, I’ve also decided to remove the extra Nikon D40 signature on the photos. So you guys get to enjoy the photos. So credit whenever you used the photos 🙂

Special Requests and More Special Previews
By the way, there seems to be many Sin Hui Jing fans around, yup you people are the one who asked me this. So have it your way!!! Here are more shots of her. You Guys Know Who You Are!!!

Preview 1

Hui Jing Making An Entrance

Final Shot 2

Sin Hui Jing Sweet Pose For Camera

Sorry had to crop this final piece as she was lining up with the rest of the girls and so happen to smile this way! 🙂

Now you people have it. I am seriously going to get my Nikkor 50mm F1.8 lens….. Argh~~~~~


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