Embarassing Moment At The Office

The most embarrassing moment I had in office. It’s time to share a little bit about the blogger behind this blog. Well, at least I would love to get personal with readers of this blog.

This happened just a few days ago. Well, not that it’s worth mentioning but then sometimes it’s good to note that some people did have their most embarrassing moment and yes, we all have them.

The Giant Leg and DanielCtw

This time I will share to you what had just happened a few days ago. If only I had noticed sooner, it wouldn’t have happened. It was already 4pm, and I had the urge to go to the washroom to answer nature’s call. Well, nothing wrong here, no no no… nothing like the case in “There’s Something About Mary”.


Well, after doing my Aaron Kwok hairstyle in front of the mirror, I proceed to walk down stairs. Mind you, the washroom in the office is located in the middle of the stairway. Here’s the illustration of how it looks like. After that I walked out of the washroom looking cool (Hohoho) then as I walked down the stairs walking towards the 3rd floor (mind you, the female toilet is between 4th Floor and 3rd Floor) I see the women there stealing glances at me.

Toilet Location

I thought to myself, “Must have been my Aaron Kwok hairstyle!! Sweet!!”
Then suddenly I see one of the people there laughing. I find that there’s something wrong.

“It must have been something else.”

Then it became clear, OH CRAP!!!! MY FLY IS UNZIP!!!

Am so lucky that those people are from another floor.


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