A Japanese Student Is Daniel

Yes, so I finally received the photos and this time, it was finally the end of one such fun class. Yes, funny as it seems, it’s how someone like me go learning stuffs such as Japanese, but why learn Japanese, maybe it’s because it’s just interest.

Daniel Japanese Result

But at least now that I have finished my Japanese lesson for beginner one, it still doesn’t make me fluent in Japanese. I still have many more classes to go. Ehh, wait, why the heck am I talking about my Japanese. No no no.. okay, and this has got nothing to do with my Takeshi impersonation. Though last time I did have a Japanese friend during my high school years.

I think the motivation that time was to learn Japanese to talk to Japanese girls that will look like Kyoko Fukada, Aoi Sora hehehe… and also when I actually watched a Japanese drama, I will know what they were talking about.

Aoi Sora and other Japanese Babes

So finally after what seems awhile. It’s done for Beginner 1, and the starting of Beginner 2. But this photo is for you guys in Class B1-668. A photo to remember our time together, though some of you have already stopped learning.

Japanese Class Intake B1-668

Thank you おおしろうせんせい (Oshiro sensei) for teaching us. Ehh.. I think I look the most Japanese up in this photo. What the heck.. (minus the Japanese teacher)

After this post, there’ll be normal post. Need some varieties in my postings.


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