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I would have updated my blog by now, but these few days have been really busy for me. With a Japanese exam lurking in the midst, I can only post this much. Though my mind is now filled with lots of Japanese words, and trying for the first time to really study for exam.

Yes, I used to not study that much in my days as other stuffs can just be played with words but not Japanese. So here’s to motivate myself and to learn some katakana. My hiragana is okay, but my Katakana is no where perfect. I don’t even know how to write certain letters.

katakana table

Here’s what I am learning at the beginning of the chapter now.

日本語を話すのは難しいです。 – のは form
私はえをみるのがすきです。 – のが form
かぎをかけるのを忘れます。 – のを form

Complicated right?

Everyone please pray for me or wish me luck for tomorrow’s exam yeah? Then I shall see whether I should proceed to Advance Class or not!


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