Learning Japanese Humorously

Tips on how to speak in the Japanese Accent in Malaysia for the GUYS. We would use Ichitaka in this example.

Horny Devil in the Making

Ichitaka just got broken hearted and felt like telling it out in Japanese, so he said…
はちくけちぇわ。 (Hatikukechewa)

With Ichitaka now broken hearted, he feels lonely, he felt that he has the urge to go mess around with chicks. But I guessed he went overboard with it.
まりくらば。 (Marikuraba)

Now girls would branded him as dirty minded. Wondering why he said such things and how come he got such a title. Thinking over it, Ichitaka finds it hard to believe. He was then remorseful in Japanese.
おたくこと。 (Otakukoto)

Then out of nowhere you a girl in distant appeared. From afar she looks decent. Then she came close and then noticed something was amiss. She kept saying herself in Japanese.
ててくらた。 (Tetekurata)

It looks like she is seeking attention and she is longing to have someone to have fun with her. Hmm….. Strange enough, understanding her lingo off,  a pickup line was issued.
まうかしか。 (Maukasika)

She loves the way it advances and finds the way Ichitaka says it a bit cute. Ichitaka then decided that he wanted to pursue the matter even further. He grew horns on his head (horny la…) and finally the ultimate.
まうまいんか。 (Maumainka)


Now who says learning Japanese is not fun? I am sure Ichitaka had fun.

PS: This story was created with no relevance to real life situation. It’s a gloomy day, so just have fun reading this and I guessed this story only Malaysians will understand it. For people that still do not understand the implications of this story, you can email me your questions at me@danielctw.com or use the contact form available.
PSS: Appreciate all the love and support shown here. 🙂

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