Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant Singapore

This post is the continuation of my escapade to Singapore during Christmas. One thing I had to try though was the taste of fine food and what a way to start with Japanese Buffet at Momiji. Lucky places were booked by my cousin that was staying in Singapore and we finally get to go in earlier than those queuing outside waiting for their turn to go and have the all you can eat offer.

Momiji Japanese Buffet

As an avid fan of Japanese food, you can wonder what I would start my feast on first. Definitely sashimi.

Picking Up Sashimi

There are oysters, salmon, prawns, tuna and whatever other sashimi one could find there. This is food haven for me. Of course, not everything was taken raw. I mean, that’s not just what all Japanese food is.

So time to indulge myself into something cooked too. Rather Half Cooked.

Oyster Prawn and Siu Mai

Oyster with Cheese, Prawn with Cheese and Xiu Mai (Chinese food???)

Though I have a complaint though. Why is this called a Seafood Steamboat?

Seafood Steamboat

All because they have 1 prawn and they call it the seafood steamboat. Pathetic. Nevertheless the soup was amazing.

There is also what we call Hot Plate dish. So off I went to get my Hot Plate (Teppan) Beef.

Teppan Beef Momiji

Photo is a little dark, but you get the point.

Fruit and Desserts Momiji

Also with the variety of fruits to clear off those toxins. There’s Dragonfruit, Honey Dew, Guava, Grapes, Jackfruit and also white chocolate dip. Savor the moment.

Finally to top it all off, this is the highlight of why eating here during dinner time is the best time. There is…….

Snow Crab & Prawn at Momiji

SNOW CRAB!!!! The sight of it tells it all. It’s definitely worth coming here to eat.

See it to believe it. Look at Yen having a go at the Snow Crab.

Yen Having Snow Crab Feast

1. Hmmm…. which one should I eat first?
2. Well, Dan which one do you think?
3. I just love the taste of the Snow crab!!
4. Ahhh… I can’t take it anymore, I am gonna have my first bite of it.

See… told ya it’s too hard to resist. Even I can’t stop eating this Snow crab after putting so much on our plate.

Daniel Chew with Snow Crab Feast

Now looky here. The Weird One DanielCtw‘s turn to pose with the Snow crabs before I finally devour all of them. Super greedy. Having 4 legs instead of 2 though.

How to eat the snow crab? All you need is to crack the joints. Then pull out the flesh from the legs and claw and then Voila!!! It’s out. Time for some crab feast.

Of course there are variety of food that I didn’t get to try as my mind was focused more onto the shashimi and the Snow Crab.

Shishamo Shioyaki\\

Food like the Shishamo Syioyaki also didn’t really get to try. All in all, the food at Momiji Japanese Buffet Restaurant at POMO is one of the best I tried in Singapore.

Definitely a place worth eating.

Momiji Promotion

A feast you will not want to miss it. Unlimited Serving of Snow Crab.

Momiji Details.

1 Selegie Road #03-11
PoMo Singapore
Tel: +65 6338 3122

Opens Daily: 12pm–2pm, 6pm–10pm

If you need more info do visit their website here to know more about Momiji Japanese Restaurant.


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