Kokorobox Port Dickson Memory

The way down memory lane is tricky. More intriguing than I thought. Previously you would have known that kokorobox under the guidance of Joey Tong or rather the founder of it, have organized their Port Dickson Year End Barbeque Party for the members of his forum. Here are the few lost photos which I took with some of the members.

KokoroBox Small Group

Yes, there are actually more people in the group but these are the few who were there when I paid a visit to them in the rented bungalow. Great bunch of people, especially what is that guy doing sitting on another guy. I think must be because of the night before’s hangover.

So I chose a few photos which I got from David’s camera. One of them is another blogger who is also in kokorobox and I think for once she deserves some link love here.

Connie With Daniel Chew (DanielCtw)

Yes, that’s Connie of Connie Still Believe blog. Ya, blame me for being bias for taking with girls but I think if I were to take pictures with a guy, then that’ll look so wrong. O_o…..

How many people are there actually. Well, look what we did. I guessed there’ll be another gathering again next year.

Jennifer with DanielCtw

Now 3rd Year Anniversary and the names of people who are there. That’s Jennifer by the way. One of Connie’s friend. I guessed that’s all there is to say about this trip and some of the things we do or rather more or less taking photos.

ps : Guys….. Jealous or not?


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