A Simple Short Meet Up Berjaya Times Square

Nearly a month ago, it has been so long since KL-ites got a visitor from a Penang shouter which came for a short trip and a rare one at that, and then you suddenly see aL a.k.a Ai Ling (blog link already removed) dropping by. So hence a short meet up was planned. Well, yes… the famous notorious aLiBai…. ahemz… what’s that supposed to mean, let’s keep it as it is.

It also marks the date where Mr and Mrs Firewire was out in front of the public after like a month’s absence after their marriage. Well, it sure is, and what has become of them.

Times Square Meet Up

So it will also do them no justice if I didn’t mentioned about this post. Of course as always Aaron@Axial was always there to tag along. Well, it was the same day for the model shooting and so it was indeed a whole new experience to take these photos.

If you missed the modeling photos, it is here in the Fashion Fusion Show post. Well, more portrait shots will be coming right up, as I’ve also gotten my new toy.

It’s 1:31am and due to me sleeping late nights, I think I shall rest up earlier than normal now.

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  1. aL September 17, 2008

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