Red Box Karaoke The Curve Craziness

The day was Thursday. It happened instantenously the day before that DanielCtw decided to join the group of Shouters for a karaoke session. Well, in fact he wasn’t supposed to even go for the karaoke but surprisingly what made him change his mind, one will never know how his weird mind thinks. So off he went to Red Box in The Curve to sing or rather shout his heart out on many kind of songs.

He was amazed though of the expressions he sees on other people during that day. Not only was Daniel flabbergasted, he was shocked to see more expressions that are deemed very special moments of enthusiasm of going into the flow of the music. Well, with that mood in sight, what more but to join in the fun.

Crazy Karaoke Singers

From Left : Wendy, William, Aaron & David

It was indeed an enjoyable daytime karaoke outing. What he was amused of was actually the passion. Of course, when you have a group of potential Singing Idols out there, you’re bound to have nice songs sung in rythm. No matter how, Daniel think the most is still the expressions on some of the notable ones.

Talking about expressions and expressions all over again. What expressions did they actually do to impress Daniel that he should actually blog about this outing. Wait till you actually see what it was.

Expressions Of Singing

Now who can beat those priceless expressions. Well, all natural all fun and happy going. Daniel didn’t believe that in this crazy world, where hunger and crime is at it’s peak, there are still fun and joyful moment for them.

Of course, notable this was also the time, that Daniel first showcased his SB800 Flash Gun to the people around there. Learning but surely, at least no more super bright face because of the flash.

Unmistakeably, the fun doesn’t end here. There is a continuation to this fun and weird day. What else is in store?

ps : I know at times I am quiet, very introvert, but it’s actually been so long since it has been this way. Weirdness has overwhelmed.


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