Planning your Cruise Adventure – Five of the Latest Trends

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Whether you have been on a cruise before, or it’s your first time, this type of vacation is exciting to plan and experience. The cruise adventure experience will most probably intrigue you to try it over and over again. You would get to visit several different locations without having to move between hotels; your room travels with you.

It’s not just ashore that cruises are enjoyable either. There is a range of entertainment and facilities available onboard that can keep you entertained even when the entire day is spent at sea. If you like the idea of enjoying all of this for your next vacation, here are five current cruise trends that you should know about before you book.

The river cruise adventure experience

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River cruises are very much on trend right now. People like the idea of being able to take a paddleboat cruise in the US, so that they do not need a passport or have to deal with rough seas. River cruises also take you to the center of the places you visit, as opposed to many ocean cruises where you have to be transported from the cruise ship to land.

Culinary experiences – onboard and ashore

culinary experiences

One of the biggest trends in cruise travel for 2018 is the culinary experience. This can involve providing fine dining experiences onboard, as well as cookery displays. It may also involve visits to Michelin starred restaurants, or high quality vineyards while ashore.

Meaningful destination itineraries

All too often visits to cruise destinations have been short and non-informative. Now, people are wanting more from their visit. Cruise lines are arranging for their ships to remain in port for longer; including overnight stops. They are also arranging for travelers to have tours of destinations, with the opportunity to fully experience local culture. While cruising is still about the onboard experience, it’s also becoming more about making sure travelers get the most out of time spent ashore.

Going off the beaten track

Most people are familiar with usual cruise destinations, such as the Caribbean and Europe, but one of the biggest current trends is to go off the beaten track. Cruise lines are now arranging cruises which call at exotic locations such as the Galapagos Islands. This is a totally different cruising experience to normal, where you can see the amazing landscape and creatures. You can also take part in activities such as hiking and kayaking.

Single Travel

single traveling

A cruise can still be a romantic break for two, or a great way to spend a vacation with family, but cruise lines are embracing single travelers more and more. After all, being on a cruise ship for a couple of weeks is an excellent way for single people to meet others. Many cruise lines provide accommodation that is designed for single people and some even waive single occupancy charges.

Hopefully, you have taken some inspiration from these trends, so that you can book a cruise holiday that you enjoy and that brings back plenty of happy memories for years to come.

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