5 Safari Things You Must Definitely See

For those who may never know, safari is a Swahili word for “journey.” Most people associate the word safari with trips to Africa. Initially, tourists used to take the opportunity to go for hunting; however, with time, nowadays they go to see animals and amazing scenery that Africa has to offer. They also indulge in taking pictures, and so many other activities that include hiking.

Of course this safari is not to be mistaken for safari parks which are zoo created landscapes for animals of the Safari.

The Safari

As a tourist, you should always look forward to seeing the following things while you engage your family and friends in this thrilling journey.

lion safari

1. The Big Five

Most of the people who go to Africa, major their Safari needs on seeing these animals. The big five include the lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinoceros, and leopards. All these animals have unique characters that is why they interest most people.

They are mostly enclosed in wildlife reserves where you can see them via a car tour or by air. The vehicles have windows and a pop-up roof, which gives you enough room to view the animals, while considering safety. You will be able to experience some of the carnivores kill their prey if you are lucky.

2. Animal activities

Apart from the famous big five, you can also choose to explore other animals, for instance, birds, primates and animals in animal orphanages. You can also view the different activities that animals engage in. Some of the fantastic sceneries to see include animals giving birth, wild beasts migrations, and chimpanzees.

mount kilimanjaro
Mount Kilimanjaro

3. Different landscapes

You can choose to enjoy the wildlife scenery from the air. In Africa, there are a lot of scenes that you cannot afford to miss to see. For instance, the highest free-standing mountain in the world, which is Mt. Kilimanjaro, offers an excellent place for tourists to hike and take photos.

Hot air balloons are also available. Some of the sceneries are a bit dangerous; therefore, tour guides prefer taking tourists up in the air so that they can view beautiful landscapes such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes, different herds and groups of animals. Some of the reserves also allow the tourists to camp within these sites.

4. Different cultures and cuisines

Well, Africa is the home of many cultures. These differences attract many tourists. For instance, a native community like the Maasai will exhibit their culture and entertain their guests through cultural dances and songs. They will also showcase some of the cultural cuisines that they prepare and even offer you a dish for you to have a taste.
In addition to that, you get to see fantastic cultural sites, forts, and museums, where you can view some of the artifacts and tools that people used in the olden days. They also show the tourists how communities used to live and interact with each other.

Tanzania zanzibar Beach

5. Holiday beaches

Most tourists spend their time on these beaches. You have the freedom to go to these areas and sand bathe. The natives say that the process of sand bathing has health benefits on the skin. As part of the package, you can also engage in swimming, and enjoy basking in the sun.

Some of the beaches offer boat riding services into the ocean, which also gives you an opportunity to see some of the animals found in the water bodies.


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Be assured that you will be in proper hands even during walks. The tour guide company provide armed guides who accompany you during the whole safari.

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