Girls Have The Highest Visitors

My mind is in a dilemma now! Why do I think so? Simple, I was wondering in the world of blogging, if you’re writing about how boring is your life now, what you did in school, what you ate for breakfast it will be a not good enough read for most people. But you wait and wait and wait….. there’s something though regarding this kind of post in relation to guys and girls.

You see, if a GUY posted these stuffs, he’ll be deemed a crap, an emo and such an unimaginative guy who can’t think out of the box. He’ll be branded as a boring person.

Now compare it to a GIRL who’s been blogging about her everyday life, and you’ll see the amount of hits she’s generating even though topics such as those are emerging. Well, though there’s also a catch. All she needs is to show her pretty face and maybe flaunt a bit in the blog and TA-DAHHH, you’ll see constant visits to her blog. Weird isn’t it? But in a way it’s true coz I am one of those visiting LOL.

With my weird intuition it has finally made me understood as to what I should do. Now what should I choose now?

Should I become a Westerner

Danielle Loyd Sexy

Or Should I become an Asian

danielle graham

Do you get my point right now? If you don’t please ask your friends to come visit this page and figure it out. hehehe (more visits more visits…)

ps : I need more time to modify certain settings…


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