Blogging Life is Boring

“Woi!!!! You no life is it? Morning go to work, Afternoon face pc, evening face pc, then come back home also you stay in front of the computer, crazy is it? Where’s your social life?”

“What the crap you chat chat chat, then DOTA, maplestory, SDO after dinner? No work to do is it??”

“Blog again ah? How many times you want to view your blog??? Not always same is it? Come back blog, why don’t you go out and have some light chat with your friends?”

Okay, so we heard this conversation many a times.


Looks like it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged about something out of the ordinary. Well, with all those traveling, it’s time for some break of jumping here and there and showing where I’ve been. But let’s say, what do you think of your life? Do you just stare at the monitor most of the time and expecting your social life to be moderately good. I know of someone who spend most of his life watching tv and computer that he soon got tied to home and don’t even go out to work. Pity the parents that are supporting him.

But to me, it never bores me to be in front of the PC most of the time. Well, with proper intentions of course. But not always that facing the monitor all the time, you’ll have no friends and stuffs. It was through the internet I got to know bloggers alike, even people from ShoutOut, photographers, people from forums and most importantly I can even earn stuffs through the internet. But then, what happen to social life? Now let me get this straight, don’t tell me most of you who made friends online, never even gone to like at least do a meet up. It’s through this medium that we can finally forge a strong bond amongst online friends.

ShoutOut Group

Now who said going online is boring, or rather blogging is boring? If it is boring, imagine all the fun one missed out by meeting other bloggers and not necessary your group of friends are limited to your area only. Think again, but of course, don’t burst your bubble.


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