I am Random

It’s gonna be Saturday!! And looks like it’s time for some unthinkable post, which I am now typing continuously. Sometimes it’s not that it’s something illogical that I am gonna type but then I am pretty much used to typing lotsa stuffs that doesn’t mean anything.

Well maybe it’s a habit, but you’ll get used to my habit of simply typing and suddenly reading it back for whatever reason that I would like you to read. Being a person like me, it doesn’t mean that I am uncontrollable and don’t know what to say but it seems that it’s always to easy to manipulate things. Sometimes we should always expect the unexpected cause it’s not that simple as always. Being a metaphor of a person who doesn’t really think before he types something, it’s kinda peculiar.

So after you read this post, what do you think of my personality. It might not mean anything, but it doesn’t really bear the consequences of providing the answers to one’s need. It’s all about understand what it is important, what it is influential, what it is motivational and how one can handle the opportunity in one’s life. So you think you can understand what I wrote?

Wait wait!!! Let me read back after I finish the whole post again. Guess I should go for theraphy.. HAHAHAHA!!!


  1. saewei August 18, 2007
  2. changeiam August 21, 2007

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