Early Morning Breakfast

danielctw woke up early o.O
Today was like a different day altogether for me. I finally woke up early, which is 830am on normal working days. *ya ya I know is late for most of you other working people hahaha.. but I usually wake up around 930am, dun jealous k!*

Well, got a friend came down from Singapore for this whole week. Well, someone I knew from school though but it’s kinda weird, hardly talk while in school. Must be because I was a reserved and quiet person during my school days. Well, I still am quiet *looks innocently ^_^ *

So went out to had some breakfast and chit chatted awhile. Why must today ar? coz later at night she’ll be going back to Singapore to continue the studies again. So if not today, when leh? Aiks, colleague just msn me say got meeting afterwards. Haihz… I think I better get to work now, if not later don’t know what to present! Ish ish ish…


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