My Top 2 Seventeen Cover Girl

Is that time again and I am going to cover up for cover girl for Roxy Summer Splash instead now. Well, sad to say only 8 could make it for the Seventeen Roxy Summer Splash 2008 at Sunway Lagoon. We’re missing the likes of Michelle Ip and Elena Van Doom. Well, who knows I would have voted for Michelle Ip if she was there. If… as in really if…..

ROXY summersplash participants

Those being “white-out” are those that couldn’t attend the Summer Splash!

Well, I must say Seventeen Magazine did a very good job in preparing the girls for the above model shots and I can say I can hardly recognize Puteri Iman on stage at Summer Splash event. Look at Puteri Iman on those cover shots. Now look at Puteri Iman on stage.

Puteri Iman

She should have sticked to her model shot though. Sometimes daring to be different is not equivalent to be dare to be picked by people who are looking at contestants in real life. Well, maybe next time yeah…

Now let’s look at the two most photographed models for Summer Splash for obvious reasons. Blame it on the media but well, that’s what you get to be the center of attention. Also my top 2 pick for this year’s Summer Splash!

Pick No 1
Sin Hui Jing

Hui Jing Roxy Summer Splash

Shot 2

Hui Jing Portrait

Have an elegant smile, well… guys might get affected but too bad she’s not available based on her profile on Seventeen’s website. (Awwwww…..) Anyway, she’s a part time model too. So expect to see her more in action in the coming future.

Next in line is the crowd favorite and winner of the Roxy Summer Splash Cover Girl. None other than Juanita.

Pick No 2

Juanita Summer Splash

Shot No 2

Juanita Portrait Summer Splash

Crowd’s Favorite. Juanita was a natural. Her smile is sweet, even some of the girls admitted that based on previous post. She’s also tall for her height. Standing at 5″ 7 and only at age 17, she’s got the model figure. No wonder people has been voting for her. Good to go girl..

If you’re wondering why I chose only 2 and not 3 or 4 or 5, well, because I don’t want to have to convert all those raw images into JPEG. Well, unless by special request and people wants more, then I’ll do another one. Well, good idea to keep the comments coming in too.

So will I be going for next year’s summer splash. You bet I will, with more coverage and hopefully a better gear for me to snap those photos. Of course, this time I hope to be part of the media group too.

Adios and till the next time.


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