Nuffnang New Buffered Earnings

Recently, I was like looking at my nuffnang statistics and I see more visitors. Though with more visitors I am not receiving anymore ads from Nuffnang as of late. Well, I think it has go on to 2 weeks and most another week upcoming. Hmm.. all those visits for no ads but well, I cherished my visitors ehhh…

Since I was so curious I decided to check on my nuffnang earnings and I noticed a new bar called Nuffnang Buffered Earnings.
Buffered Earning

Now looks like something else which we all can hopefully look forward to. But don’t really know what it is too. Maybe in due time, Nuffnang will announce it to the rest of the blogging society. Hmmm… that reminds me, should I continue blogging about Roxy Summer Splash or rather just put those other pictures onto Flickr. I am thinking the latter.

Albeit, I wonder what these buffered earnings though. Anyone with any clue about it, just drop me a comment.

ps : I am still waiting for the full month to finally received….


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