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Europe nowadays seems to be a destination that I would love to have my holidays on. After moving around Asia for quite some time and having been to Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, parts of China, I think it is time to visit a region not that known to me. Since I am a wanderer and travel is what I do best. Well, it has always been my dream to visit somewhere further than the Asia region.

Though I must be thinking, Europe is big and where would I spend most of my days in Europe, maybe somewhere I could connect to. Recently after witnessing Barcelona FC playing in Malaysia, I thought what if I was to visit Barcelona instead and see the beautiful city in Spain.

barcelona fisheye

Spain is definitely one of the places I would like to visit in the coming future and what better place than to visit Barcelona. So off I go browsing a few photos of the city (need to do some preparation of the places, which hotels I could choose to spend the night and also what I could see in this city before I move on to the next city or country)

Other than the football stadium (which I definitely would like to visit to see Barcelona FC play), it seems that there are other attractions.

barcelona fc stadium

I enjoy photography and in Spain there are many monuments and buildings to look at. There are also historical buildings and also unique ones like the one below. Now all I need is to find one of those not so expensive Barcelona hotels to stay with and also comfortable ones to spend the night at.

Actually in reality, I am okay with sleeping anywhere (it is easier to do it in Asia than in Europe) but in Europe I would prefer getting a proper area to have my rest.

sagrada familia barcelona

Planning to have like 30 days around Europe is definitely going to eat my budget but I do want to make sure that it is definitely worth it. I still have to weigh my options as to whether to get a tour or go on backpacking trip. Decisions, I think in the following future posts, I will come up with a plan for those trips. Now who else wants in?

Of course, you can also find more details about the most famous Gaudi buildings in Barcelona here.

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