Where is Daniel Chew?

The year is coming to an end, though there are many places which Daniel Chew or DanielCtw has been which have not been documented yet.

Well, of course that doesn’t mean you won’t get to not see them all. I know there are those who would want to join me on my adventures, do drop me an email at me@danielctw.com or if I ever were to organize a trip for all, I will put up the invites at the sidebar.

I apologize to those who were looking for me during the days when I was away from my headquarters in Kuala Lumpur (yes…. that’s my location) and yes, I would love to say THANK YOU to those for the invites and events which I would love to go to, but had to decline some of the offers due to clash of timing and at a different part of the Earth.

Anyway here’s a picture of one of the adventures I had during this year, and there are many more to come.

Where is DanielCtw

Note: If you’ve been reading this blog, why not suggest me a place in Asia or South East Asia to visit and why? Then at least I know what to visit and I’ll definitely will credit you for suggesting me a superb place to visit when I do.


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