7 tips to avoid stomach issues in South-East Asia

As a traveler, looking after one’s health while traveling is important in order to maximize the fun in traveling. Imagine going somewhere for a vacation, photo shooting only to end up having problems such as stomach aches thus putting your holidays into a bad experience.

As mentioned above, stomach ache is one that is common when traveling overseas. It could be due to the food and the water we drink. Thus, stomach ache is one of these things able to waste the best moments of your life. The most perfect journey in the most beautiful place can lose all of its greatness just because your tummy is hurting.

Itik Tim Nyonya Food

In South-East Asia, food (like Itik Tim) is the main attraction but also the main threat regarding health. We know it is tasty, spicy, exotic and extremely good. But what we don’t know is that these types of food are serious triggers for stomach ache, and so are fast foods and the kind of drinks we have when partying.

So because of that I have here some tips created by Gaviscon to make sure you have a great time in South-East Asia with 7 easy tips which will keep your tummy safe in every circumstance.

7 tips-health-food

Final word, be careful of what you eat and drink and always do take care of your personal health as I do faced the same thing before previously.



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