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It is that time of year, that time when you have been on most part of Asia, only to be rivaled by a what?? Yes, Remy Martin Louis XIII. Hold on, he’s already 140 years old?? Just in February 2015, he has been to Singapore, Philippines, India and Malaysia. That is totally amazing.

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In my 33 years of traveling and being born to this world (my age revealed), life has been great and being able to explore the sites and cultures of the different countries has been what I have been aiming for. So just imagine, 33 vs 140. The years one can go around the world. To me it is more of being a wanderer and a traveler, but Remy Martin is doing a quest. Well, actually Remy Martin Louis XIII is now choosing the best decanter that is found in Asia for an exclusive trip for two to visit LOUIS XIII Estate in Cognac, France.

remy martin louis xiii

Aha… this is Remy Martin.

Previously there was a quest, a quest to look for the best decanter and this was how it goes.

Our Quest for a Legend is a worldwide search for the rarest LOUIS XIII decanters on earth. We will scour the globe in pursuit of these hidden treasures, starting now in Asia until March 31st, 2015.

Created in Cognac in 1874, LOUIS XIII set out to carve its footprint in various parts of the world. The first decanters crossed the borders of Europe and set sail for the United States in 1876.
In 1881, LOUIS XIII reached the shores of Asia with the first bottles arriving in Singapore, Penang and Calcutta, and Manila in 1883.
The house of LOUIS XIII wants to uncover the legacy and footprint of LOUIS XIII and bring alive the history of the King Of cognac.
The rarest decanter we find in each region will be determined by the condition of the decanter, the precious elixir the Decanter contains and if the decanter remains packaged in its coffret.
We encourage all fans* of LOUIS XIII to scour their family cellars and uncover the treasures that lay within.
The owner of the rarest decanter found in Asia will enjoy an exclusive trip for two to
the visit LOUIS XIII Estate in Cognac, France.

If you still do not know all about LOUIS XIII, it is time to get to know more about it here

Now let us wait for the results for the best decanter! May the best decanter win!

This post has been sponsored by Remy, but all the thoughts are my own

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