The Day I First Met Her

Today is the 30th Of May 2009. I am just a guy who had been doing lots of browsing, going through the internet world, and 2 years ago, I had been joining this online chatbox community called ShoutOut. Well, to think why did I add this in the first place was due to the lively community then and I really should thank Lasker and Elise for that.

In the year 2007, time goes by as everyone gets to know each another. Then on that day doing my daily rounds, on the year 2008 dated 30th May, it was the day that I first got to know someone who will mean something special to me till this day.

For those have my facebook would roughly know who I am talking about.

Minnie Pose

Well, none other than Yen or in the ShoutOut world as prettypink. I must say it was a pleasure knowing her, on the 30th May 2008 and if I wasn’t around on that day and if she didn’t add ShoutOut, I guessed there won’t be any chance of meeting up. So this post is dedicated to her to mark this memorable day. 🙂

To think that we both had a smooth way to come to where we are, it’s not what it seems. We go through thick and thin to be where we are, at times it’s just like a fairytale story, knowing that it’s fate that brought us together to where we are.

Sometimes it really is magical, knowing that I don’t do certain things and then I do them. For an example this Youtube video of a Birthday Song.

We even gone to London~~~

London Trip Bus

Ya right~~~~ Hahaha 😛

There are times when we do argue and sometimes even though I thought of myself as someone capable of doing anything, she finds out my weaknesses.

Lion Prettypink

Must be the Lions…

Thus brought the both of us together, taking photos and going places.

Daniel PP in Zoo

Zoo Negara Shooting

Daniel PP in FullHouse

Even in FullHouse at Ara Damansara

Daniel PP in boat at Genting

Even in Genting Highlands as we brave the waters of the lake

To my dear Yen,

♥ DHP ♥ ♥ PHD ♥
Always & forever! =)


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