Planning a Trip to Europe

Traveling to Europe is definitely one of my dreams. Well, in Malaysia, you only have one place that is a licensed casino. Well, the one and only Genting Highlands where there are many casinos to play around. I still remember way back during my company trip and we did a short trip to Perth. That was my only other place I get to go to a casino which is considerably different. The crowd is different too.

The only other thing which I wished I could experienced is

human breathing fire

….. Breathing Fire. Too bad, maybe before I do something like that I should go for more travel places.

Good, now that I have experienced the taste of these 2 places, what about other regions that I have not explored. Let’s say Europe.

What Europeans can offer global poker travellers?

As poker becomes a worldwide sensation, travellers who are also into the game are searching for the best hotspots to try their luck on another table. Strangely poker is my favorite game during my high school days. Well, where else to play poker other than the country of its origin. Europe has provided us not only of the most popular competitions such as the European Poker Tour (EPT), but also of the best casinos that offer the world class poker experience.

Hmmm.. let us stop talking and see where are the places which we can go to?

casino royale james bond

Monte Carlo, Monaco
Because of its elegance and rich history, the Monte Carlo has become one of the most popular gaming sites for elite players. Remember the EPT that I was talking about (how I wished that there was an Asian Poker Tour in Malaysia!!), this casino do hosts the annual EPT where the top European players take their chance to bag the million pot. Past victories by Steve O’Dwyer, Mohsin Charania, Ivan Freitez and many more glows over this place. Best of all, this casino also was home to lots of James Bond film like Golden Eye and Casino Royale.
The city also offers several attractions that can make your vacation memorable like basking on the Larvotto Beach, or watching the high-octane Monaco Grand Prix every May.

Grosvenor Casino

London, United Kingdom
Big Ben’s city is a home to different casinos and card clubs like the Grosvenor Victoria for low stake while the Empire for limit cash games. This city has hosted numerous competitions like the EPT and the World Series of Poker (WSOP) -Europe. Just recently, last March, the World Poker Tour and Premier League VI was in London where 16 world class players battle it out for a chance to cash in on huge pots as well as gain popularity on the tables. I wonder… if I could actually be one of the reknown poker players in the future too. Hahaha!!!

Other than these poker places, there are also numerous tourist attractions that they could visit like the National Gallery and the Tate Modern Museum. The city’s Royal Parks can also be a good place to take some fresh air away from the fast paced gaming tables.

Dublin Ireland

Dublin, Ireland
Through dedicated card clubs like The Fitzwilliam, Penthouse Casino or Westbury Club, Dublin has a thriving community of players who actively participate in tournaments. Every year, the popular event would be the Irish Poker Open where it is the longest serving Texas Hold’Em Poker. For just €1,500 ($1,990) buy-in, you get 50,000 chips and blinds that begin at 25/50 which is relatively cheaper compared to other tournaments. Not bad for a start up, though do not get your fingers too hooked to it.

barcelona champions messi

Barcelona – Spain

Ahh!!! Barcelona, the place where the famous tiki taka of football resonates. Now with the purchase of upcoming player Neymar, this football club situated here would be a team to watch. Hmmm.. well, good thing they are coming down to Malaysia for an exhibition match.

Anyway, Barcelona is a city that has a superb culture and numerous gaming opportunities for every type of player. The El Casino de Barcelona – one of the usual venues of the EPT and home to several choices of card events like Poker Without Pause, Deepstacks Poker Tour, Poker In and the DJ Poker.

Hearing of all these places in different parts of Europe already got my hand itchy. Imagine going for a tour in Europe and get to visit these magnificent places. Finally I confessed, I am actually a crazy poker player within my group of friends. Other than playing Magic the Gathering, this is another card game that I am deeply involved in.



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