Labour Day Bukit Tabur Climb

danielctw is back from his rest and blogging back again
Yoo hooo… I say… yoo hoo hoo hooo… it’s not true… I’ve been used… I’ve been on the evening news..

bukit tabur view 2007

Ok, so I know I went up Bukit Tabur. What do I do there? Why the heck someone like me kept on going up Bukit Tabur? So free isit? Nothing to do is it? Always climb here, go here and there. Aiyoh… what to do I love to jalan jalan as in adventuring about. If not very very the sienz sometimes.

But too bad, I won’t have that super privilege coming right up this week. So many work to do, all with datelines coming on Tuesday. Aih…. “sei for” someone kill me please.

Funny thing is that after my previous few trips with like 3 to 4 people. Seems like this time I’ve got 7 people going up this time. Ho ho ho… oh ya… Only 2 of them are 2nd time climbers while the other 4 are first timers and girls. So it’s also up to me, a super experience trekker to go lead the way and to guide them while descending from the rocks using the rope.

What the heck, a scorpion on the trail up the hill? It’s about 15cm long. What the, as long as a basic ruler!!!!

Catch Scorpion

Me caught the scorpion Bwahahaha… ya rite..

Every climb one always get to see new things. How close can one get to a real life jungle type scorpion. Ha ha.. Well, at least I’ve seen one there. A huge one too. ><

rope climb

Bukit Tabur pose
Of course, I must do my pose whenever I go somewhere. Well, always me taking photos. Why not my own photos lor. I was like “Ho la… I am looking for any pretty leng lui in the sky?” O.o Nuts rite??

What can I say of the weather, it was fine on that day. Very sunny and glad that sometimes the sun was blocked by the clouds. Most of them got sunburn though. Ha ha.. that’s the price one has to pay for slowing down. It’s almost noon, of coz it’s sunny. Duhh… I can climb up again for a small price. Say RM5 per person or you just have to pay for my lunch. he he he he…

Anyway to end this interesting climb and trip, if I am not lazy I might post a part 2 or rather why not I just give you something I found amusing on this trip too. I call it the missing link story of YB (Young Brat). *fast fast run away*




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