Story of Flowers

 I ain’t feeling alright these few days. Some people may hate me for the decisions I have taken for certain issues, some thought that I was overzealous, but it pains to know that I cannot be the same person I used to be. Well, I know that it won’t be any sooner. Guessed I just have to learn how to regain back my former self.

Anyway instead of rambling on and on with my life issues, maybe it’s time to show some photos in this blog. Some people asked, where are the photos, what’s with all the words, =.=. Haha.. sorry, was the height of the elections and I don’t want to miss my thoughts on the elections.

Sometimes feelings can be best described by photos one took.

Lonely Leaf

It all began as something as common as a leaf. Being left alone to rot.

Bright Yellow Flower

But a flower came budding up. It was supposed to be like … Two Flowers Together

A daisy, blossoming with another one at the back, but alas….

Flying Flower

They wither away, looking for more ways to look upon.

Meant to be a poem, meaningful. Hope you enjoyed this photo, whence whilst I was creating these descriptions.


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