You Live With It

Why is it that certain people are hopelessly finding that it’s hard to be what they wanted to be? Well, why is it also hard for someone to emulate someone they always hoped to emulate. Well, though some really do their homework and tried as much they can to be someone they always wanted to be but in the end got pierced thru and in the end became a total failure.

It pains to be in that situation, but sometimes situation arises and that is to inform us that not everything can be achieved by just emulating. Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. Not everyone can be an actress. Or why not, everyone can sing, but not everyone can be an artiste. Yes, so tell oneself that it’s not about the desire, sometimes it’s just the way life is.

Someone said that if you work hard towards your goal, you’ll finally be able to achieve it. Yes, that is if the goal is a sensible one and doesn’t defy the normal limits. What I meant by that is, example : I wanted to be a superstar but then I don’t look a superstar. Sorry, life is like that. I guessed we all need to know how to draw the line as to what each of us can achieve.

So tell me, how do you instead draw the line to this kinda stuffs? Well, these must be one of those days me randoming something up and it turn up to be a question!

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