No Traveling! Address Common Aches and Pains

A case of no travel brings about a lot of articles on how to maintain your health during this covid-19 era. Traveling is restricted thus it is better to take care of oneself. As we stay at home more, we might suffer from lots of common aches and pains.

Noted, chronic pain is a major problem across the United States (heck even in many parts of the world). While the source and location may vary, it’s estimated that over 50 million adults suffer from some type of recurring pain (those common aches and pains) that impacts their everyday life. However, some of the most widespread issues can actually be treated for significant improvement. If you suffer from one of these common conditions, consider your options for improving your life.

What are the Common Aches and Pains?

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Millions of people search for migraine treatment Jacksonville FL every year. There are several approaches that can help in this area, from acupuncture and massage to Botox injections and medical marijuana. Reducing stress, adding magnesium to your diet and limiting screen time can also have a huge impact on headache pain.

Of course, there are many reasons as to why headaches could happen. It could also be due to insufficient sleep which is quite common due to the excessive work or screen time.

There are also times where thinking about what is happening in life causes headaches. Maybe about fighting with your spouse, partner or just work.

Sleep It All Away

Back Issues

If you suffer from a stiff or achy back, start stretching and get moving. Focusing on mobility can significantly improve most back issues, as long as exercises are done safely and correctly. Chiropractic and massage treatment can also help relieve back pain in many individuals.

Sometimes sitting on one location for a very long time with a bad posture will ensure that one will get back issues. I have seen people got used to the wrong posture that they also started to slouch due to that.

Finally, make sure you’re addressing posture issues during the day and sleeping on a supportive mattress at night.

Joint Pain

Like back pain, joint pain can often be due to a lack of proper mobility, so regular, gentle exercise is key. Many people find relief through dietary changes. Consider an elimination diet to determine if a certain type of food triggers painful symptoms. Some people find that red meat, processed sugar, excess carbohydrates and even dairy can make their joint pain worse. On the other hand, adding a vitamin or nutrient supplement may reduce stiffness and inflammation.

If you are into gym, this would very much help to start moving those joints and become much more active in life. Of course, if you felt a joint starting to ache, it could also meant that not much care was given to that area and thus simple workouts should only be done on that area.

It’s important to note that any type of severe or recurring pain should be evaluated by a doctor to rule out any serious underlying conditions. Once you’ve determined that you don’t need specialized medical treatment, consider these practical approaches to pain relief. You just might find relief and a better quality of life in the process.

Of course if you need to some ideas as to how to mitigate these problems as above, you may refer to my previous posts which talked about the various issues and how to actually lessen the pain.

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