Feel For Someone

Yes, it’s time for me to talk on this topic once again. Well, why is it that I have lots of opinions regarding this topic. Well some even mentioned that whether am I into one, which made me talk about these topics.

Come to think of it, to me is weird. Well, weird enough for me to talk about it. Well, that’s what Daniel is, WEIRD as in a good sense. *dot* *dot* *dot* OK back to the topic.


Have you ever had that feeling that when you approached someone whom you have always talk normally and very casually when suddenly one day you can’t seem to correspond like always due to your mind playing games with you. Yes, not everyone faces this, but there are certain people who when affected by feelings, will be mumbling sometimes in their chat-ups.

WEIRD eh?? Not really! Well, my own observation has shown that it’s natural to feel nervous. Though I don’t know why I don’t face that. Either I emotionless (robot) or just that this isn’t my style. So what’s my style?? That’s for you people to find out.

Nervous Girl

So let’s say, if you’re not feeling nervous, what else? There are people who when they felt they start to love someone or rather like someone, they are careful in what they say to that person. Is like they are choosing their words wisely. Though when they talk to their friends is like another person itself. Hmmm.. pretender syndrome? Well, don’t play me out yet, but there really are people like that.

WTF is wrong? Will you go on becoming a pretender and trying to show a different impression amongst different people. Well, let me say this, if you can’t be natural, then don’t be a faker. I mean FAKER as in Fake+r not the Malay style of saying it ok!!

One person did ask me this! Why are you still single after all these while. The answer is… why are you so kepoh?? hehehe.. Guess I better sign off. I’ve got a mamak(hawker stalls) date to go. It’s nearly 9pm. Better get ready. I will talk more about it in my next post though. It’s fun studying and analyzing different people. Guess that’s why I chose the blog title WEIRD WEIRD DENIAL


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