Advertlets Costly Mistake


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The hype is on the advertising current up to date news. Seeing that it’s only fair I should have my say of this incident, well, so that’s what I am going to do now. No, I am not gonna say bad things and demean any company but what is my view that what shouldn’t happen at all.

I am sure you know, Advertlets was created by Josh Lim and yes, it was one of the main blog advertising company to go on par with Nuffnang on it’s early stages. During those times, many people say they rather choose Advertlets over Nuffnang due to the high pay rate and the ads Nuffnang were giving were so little, they find that they rather stick with Advertlets. Well, that was how the scenario was at the initial stage. In the beginning, many were comparing both of them like Durians D24 vs D101.

Durian D24 with D101

Hmm.. okay. bad analogy, but you get my point, both does the same thing (practically) but it was up to the public to give their favoritism to the one they like best.

A costly mistake was done by Advertlets, when you forget to renew your domain name, now that is one huge costly mistake. (Even I renew my domain for a few years) Well, that part is still okay, but with every blog with Advertlet ads running and redirecting to another page, now that’s so freaking weird. Not only that bloggers will lose its’ readers, the bloggers will also find it a nuisance. So with the temporary solution being made, most bloggers have removed Advertlets on their blogs. Now imagine this, how many linkbacks that Adverlets lost? Or rather think it in another way, what will the Advertisers think about Advertlets?? It’s like they’re now trapped in their own cage (I know that feeling!!)

Trapped in a Jail

But to say this is a blessing in disguise for Nuffnang (yeah it is), it’ll be an understatement. It’s indeed a blessing. With their competitors facing this calamity, I wonder it wouldn’t affect their future relationships with the advertisers. Now even they have to contend with Nufflets and GrabMyAds.

Boss Stewie on a High
Boss Stewie on a High (woops wrong high)

I can imagine Boss Stewie‘s face a bit light up with all this thing going on. Well, to me in a business world, who wouldn’t! Guessed it’s like life, a small mistake can really destroy oneself. Same thing to a relationship, a small mistake might mean a tear in a relationship which takes a few years to build.


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