Being Cared For

How does it feel? Being wanted. Being cared for.

Yes, it’s a feeling that everyone will appreciate. I mean who wouldn’t? Don’t you miss those times when you know that whenever you’re back home, someone would text you, or even call you to see how you are. Have you eaten?


Yes, we all love to be cared for. But now, instead of dwelling into those kind of relationships, let’s talk about something else. What about PARENTS?? Yes, this time it’s all about the parents. I mean they’re the only family we’ve got. Now why would I suddenly talk about parents. Yes, it’s funny, while we were young, we were cared for by our parents, nurturing us into becoming somebody respected in the coming future.

Though not everything comes out perfect, they helped us save money and sent us to college, universities and even school. Imagine all the hard work they do. Well, these scenarios are in general, and it applies to those who have parents to look after them while they were young. So imagine, without them, who are we?

It’s kinda sad right, when we get older, we have lotsa responsibilities, that we sometimes neglect our own family relations with our parents. Some even put them into old folks home, but though sometimes it’s requested by the parents themselves. Though I wonder why… Well, if you have the resources and can take care of them, why send them there, when you yourself are able. Please love your family members as much.

Just look ahead further into the future. If next time you’re married, have kids and if your kids see you doing this to your parents, what will they think? They can just do the same to you right? Always think ahead. Don’t disappoint!


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