Jealous Easily

JEALOUSY!! It’s easily felt by everyone. Well perhaps if you haven’t felt jealousy at all, either you’re not human or you were actually you’re from some planet called ZORK that has a lot of DORKS. bla bla yadda yadda etc etc…..

So why the sudden talk about jealousy. Well, you know when there’s always a place to rely on. Take for an instance in the college or high school, for girls. A group of you girls are studying in the same faculty and suddenly this cute guy comes into the class. “OMG!!! He’s so cute…” So now suddenly you feel that should get to know that guy. But then suddenly you see that ‘cute’ guy is always talking with the friend you knew since primary school. O_o Well, that’s when jealousy starts hitting at you.

OK OK!!! So now you get the scenario. What does that leads to? Hmm… let’s think in my weird way ok. Based on my predicament, jealousy can lead a way to a spoilt friendship that was built like in a decade or more and just be destroyed by some cute guy/girl that comes along the way. Well, like they said friendship lost is one hard to find. So if you’re feeling jealous cause your friend is with the dream guy or girl, then search yourself, why do you even need to be jealous just to like spoil your friendship.

Daniel Chew danielctw

Though, if the friend you thought you have is showing off, now that’s another story. Go take the carrot and shove it up his/her ass if they do that. Then you have every right reason to say it’s not due to jealousy but because of some stuck up actions they did. So be it…

So what do you think contributes to most people getting jealous. For those in a relationship, I am sure you’ll get jealous more than often!! Well, some say it’s good to develop their feelings, a little bit of jealousy let’s the other partner knows that they care. Hmm…. anyone care to enlighten me on this???


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