Real Story of Hang Tuah’s Origin

Most Malaysians have watch the depiction of Hang Tuah in Puteri Gunung Ledang with M. Nasir depicting the legend. Watching this legend makes me wonder all about Hang Tuah’s Origin

M Nasir Hang Tuah

Some interesting facts have been brought to open my mind in the recent study of Hang Tuah. After having read a few articles and the history of Malaysia being brought into text books for history lessons, I have browsed for more articles to be studied, be it on the web or in books.

makam hang tuah
The Mausoleum of Hang Tuah

The History of Hang Tuah’s Origin

In recent years while I was still schooling, Hang Tuah was taught in Sejarah(History) books portraying the slogan of “Takkan Melayu Hilang di Dunia Ini” which meant “Malay won’t be missing from this world”. Well, this got me to searching the net. Why? Well, the name Hang Tuah basically aroused me. Imagine if we go back to history, I am sure we heard of Princess Hang Li Poh who came all the way from China to Malacca. Now notice the name HANG. Hmm… bear any significance.

Another thing is after the year 1999, there seems to be no more Hang Tuah history in the history text books. Wonder why that happens? Weird, he’s supposed to be in the history but why is he taken out? Isn’t he a Malaysian? Now what brought upon this exclusion.

Is Hang Tuah’s Origin Chinese?

Funny thing I had a thought is is Hang Tuah really spelt as Hang Tuah or ex: Hang Too Ah, or any other alike sound.

One post regarding Hang Tuah can be viewed HERE. It explains many facts. One point they did touch was the DNA extracted out from the “Hangs” were found to be Chinese (Maybe someone could tell me if it’s true). Interesting yeah?? Well facts they were, but will we ever wonder why it was taken out from school history text books. So is this the real Hang Tuah’s origin story?

Here’s my point that I want to emphasize.

1. Why is the study of Hang Tuah taken out from history text books?
2. Why is the original post in the link posted taken out? (to protect….)
3. What is the significance of Hang Tuah in Malaysia’s history?
4. Why the usage of “Takkan Melayu hilang di Dunia ini?” (How can the Malays disappear from this world?) and is it taken out of context with their own suitable interpretation.
5. Even if Hang Tuah’s a different race altogether, what significance does it do to our history text books?

Links for Reference

a. The Malacca travel guide Old Link
b. Reason Why in Sejarah of Malaysia Since Year 1999…

Even after many premonitions, there seems to be the mystery of Hang Tuah/Hang Too Ah’s origins. But let’s say if he’s really the race that most people claimed he is, why the sudden exclusion from History Books. Even up till now, my mind wonders all about Hang Tuah’s origin. How about yours?

Updates From the Future

Dated May 7th 2020

Just some thoughts after looking back at the old post and decided to update them.

Is Hang Li Poh a princess?

Hang Li Poh which was mentioned as a princess from China was sent to Malacca as a way to present for the Sultan at that time. It was very common to have a political ties with another country by presenting a princess from another empire as a gift to another empire for marriage back then.

Another surprising fact, Hang Li Poh might not even be a princess as there are no records in the history regarding this name. Heck, the name Hang Li Poh might not even be right. It could be the name given after coming to Malacca or rather insinuated into the society in Malacca.

History Books at Present Still Omitted Hang Tuah

There are also many other studies that by then might not be true, but the main concern up till now is the expulsion of Hang Tuah from the History Books which still do up till now. As mentioned, a cover up for Hang Tuah’s origin story or just to stop people from discussing about Hang Tuah?

The Powers of Taming Sari

As mentioned, Hang Tuah is a legend, he can be real but there are many extra descriptions of his strength that are simply out of this world. The powers of the Taming Sari, his weapon’s name, is described as powerful as the Excalibur or maybe more powerful.

Some depictions mentioned that it could fly and there are many more myths. Up till now it is still a legend and the weapon (the ‘keris’) is still being studied. I have also written an article on the Taming Sari.


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