Nice Vacation Mode Finally On

It’s gonna be the Lunar New Year! Means more holidays, means vacation mode is on. For someone like me, I would very much love to go to overseas to travel and mingle around. Too bad with my current situation, in order to do that, I need to take lots of day off which I don’t have.

Vacation Mode on the Way

Well, some good spot to take is to stay in a Florida Vacation Home which is definitely not local. Duh… it’s in the States. I haven’t been there yet. Well, I look far ahead OK. Well, if that doesn’t suit me well, guess I have to search for somewhere nearer. For those wanting to emulate, you’ve got the cash, the time, find some place and relax and stay in a pretty decent hotel when you’re on a vacation. If you don’t want the luxurious hotel life, find a house or an apartment to rent instead.

Of course, if you’re backpacking, then it’s a different story altogether. Lucky I planned earlier and this time, my next vacation would be Mt Kinabalu, South East Asia’s highest peak.

Vacation Mode at Mount Kinabalu

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