5 Ways To Tell Your Aging Parents Need Help

As your parents get older, you might notice some changes that are concerning. Are they still safe living on their own? Is it time for you to intercede on their behalf? Here are five ways you can tell that your loved ones / aging parents need help.

Bukit Tabur 2012 Aging Parents Need Help?

Aging Parents Need Help?

1. Forgetfulness

When you realize that your parent is forgetting their medications, not remembering appointments, neglecting to get dressed or not paying their bills — schedule a medical evaluation. There may be some memory loss that could lead to dangerous situations. Home fires are not uncommon among the elderly that have dementia and not enough supervision.

2. Bruising or Other Injuries

As bodies become feeble, falling is a major factor. One doctor expressed the wish for layers of bubble wrap around his aging patients to keep them safe. He treated several injuries each day caused by falls. If this is the case with your parent, you might consider adult foster care service Massachusetts so they can still live at home.

3. Mood Swings

Does your Mom or Dad seem to be bothered by things that didn’t cause their temper to flare in the past? If both parents still live together, do they bicker more often? Changes in moods can be a sign that the brain is beginning to atrophy. Learn how to destress at times.

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4. Lower Energy

Sometimes, the elderly may need more sleep than when they were younger. Notice if they no longer wish to leave their home and would rather stay in bed. They may have depression or another physical issue that needs treatment. 

5. Weight Loss

If your parent isn’t receiving proper nutrition, they might have unexplained weight loss. As their sense of taste and smell diminish, their appetite may be reduced. Check their fridge to make sure they don’t have spoiled food that they might eat.

Having your loved ones be safe is so important for everyone in your family. Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of a specialist you respect.

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