When You’re Down

You will feel down, when you think the world around you is crumbling. You felt that whatever you do, there’s always something which makes it like you did a big mistake. You also ponder as to why am I here? Why is it that I can’t find peace. Where am I? Do I exist merely to live and then die.

Most of us has all these thoughts or somehow someway thought of it before. Well, it’s perfectly natural. I sometimes wonder, why all the fuss to work my ass off to succeed in something and go under remote superbly crazy stress under your employer when one can take life easy. Yes, here’s another thought…. taking life easy when you’re single is alright, but if you’re married, you got an aim, which is to strive to ensure happiness for the future ones (child) living style. In a way, people live because they need an aim, people work because they also have an aim.

My aim now is to make myself look good physically. Although my mum too keeps calling me to find ‘someone’, parents will always be parents. Well, that’s the reason for being the eldest. Dang…. saying I am not young anymore.. 🙁 *cham*


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