Trip to Hot Spring Sungai Klah Part 2

This is a continuation for the first post where I’ve been to TRAP. OK, I don’t wanna repeat what is TRAP is all about so you can read it below

TRAP – Part I

hot spring egg boiling

Now let’s continue the adventure. Some people just don’t believe that they can boil eggs in the hot springs. I mean it’s 100 degrees Celsius. So I have to go and get photos from one of my colleague for the egg boiling thingy. Haihz…. sorry LouYea, borrow your photos this time. Hahaha… well he was the only one with camera while we all kept our cameras in the locker when we were in the water.

egg boiling activity sungai klah

The hot steaming foot reflexology walk path was also worth a try. Well, we heard of normal reflexology paths but what about hot water filled path. Oh my, the stones poking with hot water. No wonder people say it can kill germs in your body.

walking on the edge sungai klah hot springThere’s this one photo, the guy’s not taking the normal path, painful he says. Ha Ha Ha… Well but then imagined if he just fell on the other side, OMIGOSH fried steamed human. What would have happened? I am afraid to think!

Anyway I’ll let the other photos do the talking. I’m pretty numb myself. Maybe next time one can go for a trip to Sungai Klah. Invite me if you need me to show you the way. Ha ha!

Haha…Well, today kinda busy day but also lazy for me, since today’s Friday. Yes, no work on Saturday and Sunday, but time goes by so fast.

Oh…there will be part 3 but I’m kinda beat up with the workload now. Adios.


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