Hot Springs Sungai Klah, Sungkai

It’s been one week and what a holiday I had, though it was only a one day trip. Well, who would have thought that the place I was visiting was called TRAP?

Trap Sungkai Board Walk

TRAP??? What the heck is this place? Well actually is a hot spring located near Sungkai or basically called Hot Springs Park Sungai Klah. Well, so what’s it got to do with Trap? Hmm… in the native language in Malaysia, it’s Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, which is basically Hot Springs Recreational Park. Oh man, they are good in naming these…

welcome to Sungkai Hot Springs

So gone is the TRAP issue, but as Malaysia is a hot and humid country, what the heck am I doing there? Imagine this, me and a group of us reached this specific place around 11am somewhere near afternoon with the sun shining just rightly above. Hot springs in the sun??? Well, that’s what you get for being weird, well this place is Weird Weird Denial right. Enough of crap….
Being in this place sort of let’s one relax from the busy days in the office or studies. It’s more like a leisure. Although on the way to this location, I was witnessing the upgrading of roads and all these are done in conjunction with Visit Malaysia Year 2007. Looks like this location is put as one of the hot spots for Visit Malaysia Event.

Sungkai Trap Dipping Pool

Ok, first thing though, the springs here are naturally hot. No underground heater located beneath the earth (ehehe… a few jokes I shared with my colleague, sorry mate!! ). Well to know more about hot springs and it’s wonder, I prefer I don’t talk about it but instead one can google more about the natural happenings of this phenomenon. So the springs here, it’s hot, why would someone wants to dip themselves in hot water? Good question. Let me give you my opinion on this question…to relax, good therapy, relaxation, etc…yadda yadda, bla bla, woof woof, meow meow *slapped by readers* *OUCH*

Board Walk Sungkai Hot Springs

The water is deemed pretty hot, with water boiling up till 100 degrees Celsius. Yup, it’s that hot. Well of course, I am not that stupid to go put myself into the boiling water, except maybe when we were boiling the eggs to eat it there. The places we dipped are around 40 – 50 degrees Celsius. Some of the places noted there are the Dipping Pool (Kolam Beremdam), Board Walk (a 15 minutes walk of wooden bridge across the hot springs source), Family Spa (private dip of natural water with added jacuzzi feel) and the natural mountain water pool(well of course some people wanted to cool themselves in cool waters, myself included).

Hot Springs Source

So many things to show, but so little photos to show. I just missed some amazing shots. Though I will continue with my trip to Ipoh after my Hot Springs trip. Well, it was worth the while after having some cool hot ‘dipping’, hunger strikes. What a better way than to go to our food location right at the town of Ipoh. Well, but that’s another post. Hehehehe.. adios, waiting is so much pleasure don’t you think so.

*Runs before someone pokesme*

Note: Edited on 18th April 2010 on the photos. The photos are now larger for the viewing pleasure of the readers.


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