Bukit Tabur Collection Part 2

Here I go again…

After compiling some of my photos, and with the hope of going up to Bukit Tabur again, I present to you the few photos. Well, some are macro shots which are ok.

You’ll get to see these kind of scenes up there.

The blue sky scenery. Well you can actually see Genting Highlands from up here. Just that day was a little bit cloudy and full of mist and haze around makes the some scenery photos blur.

Now how about it. The sun was rising from behind that mountain. So I can only take a cloud scenery with the hill in black. Well, there’s a trick to it if you want to take the hill instead but the sky would be not nice at all.

Capturing this was kinda time wasting. Well, first I’ve got to wait for the perfect time for this shot. With the wind blowing to and fro, it was a well worth wait but I wished I had a better camera. Maybe a DSLR. But no $$$ T_T

Some moss like mats lying on the rocky floor. I mean you can practically lie down on them and it feels like a house mat. Oh my…tis is the life. Sleeping time on the floorbed or rather a mossbed. HAHAHA

Final shot to share today. Well it was worth the try. Focusing in the middle makes the other parts blur. Well, you can’t really get all clear, if not it wouldn’t be very nice. I’ve got to squat just to take this shot. Those creepers on the tree trunks.

Anyway hope you enjoy the shots I took. At least it would entice some of you who wants to climb up Bukit Tabur. Well if you really want to climb up, do contact me here. Well, I’ll post my mail on the blog next time though. Or just drop by and give a comment. Till then. Buenos Sera. Adios.


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