Bukit Tabur Again 0.o

climb climb up sunshine mountain
heavenly breezes flow
climb climb up sunshine mountain
faces all aglow


So back to Bukit Tabur once again. Yes…and in case you haven’t read about my other Bukit Tabur escapades, search for Bukit Tabur.

It was indeed the same kind of experience but then now it seems more and more people seems to know about this place. Well, that was when me and my group got up, we found another group of people going up and they were all like first timers except one guy. Well, of course, that time.. I was like waiting for the group to finished but seems they are taking their own sweet time or maybe cause some of them are scared of height. Well, that’s Bukit Tabur experience.Oh ya…anyway here are some rules which I would like to point out when climbing on this natural quartz mountain.

1. Do not…I repeat do not litter the place with empty bottles. They don’t decompose. (Makes me mad that I have to pick them up)

2. Please do not pluck any flowers or destroy the habitats on the hills. Especially those people who made campfire at the last hill. You guys are the dumps.

3. Try not to wear too bright a color, I found it out the hard way (bees get attracted to you).

4. Always stay in a group and don’t be a hero to go all the way on your own. If anything happens to you, no one knows. When someones lagging behind, wait for that person.

5. Things to do before going up. Pack a bottle of water (recommended 1.5 liters) and a change of clothes. Also bring some light snack. Carry a backpack and wear proper tracking shoes if you want to climb the rocky cliffs.

6. Have a guide who has been there to show the maneuver of where to step and stand during climbing sessions using the rope. (You can also employ me to be the guide HOHO)

Well that’s so far what I can sum up. Going up the hills everytime brings something new to see. Especially the previous night when it was raining. The ants and insects are more and even mushrooms growing around. I love the ants, they are kinda peculiar unlike those you see on the normal grounds. Bigger butts.. ha ha..

One thing though, my group enjoyed the most was the part when you need to use your hands to climb up the ridge. Less tiring, they said. Well indeed, the best and most untiring part is actually this part of the ridge. They hated the walking up the jungle track more than climbing. Haha.. well glad all of them enjoyed. So have this got any of you interested in climbing the hills?

Not yet, then how about some photo shooting? If you’re interested in taking photos, here’s the perfect place to take some snapshots of KLCC and also Genting Highlands (if you’re lucky that no mist or cloud was covering). We even had one photo enthusiast in our group, taking almost anything. So I then don’t waste my time and had a snapshot of him. Hahaha… I am sure he wouldn’t mind being posted cause we can’t see his face. *whistles and runs before I got pummeled*

The Super louyea shitting pose

So when will be my next trip up? Very soon. All of them can’t wait for another 2nd round.


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