Hungry For Steamboat

Haha..I guess it’s time I talked about the food I’ve ever eaten which taste great. I mean…some of you know my size, but the amount of food I consume is HEHE.. lots.

Sidenote: I love buffet style dinner if it’s abalone, oyster,etc. (Sorry! Got too carried away)


This is only one of the “Boat” that we ate. OK..It’s the seafood kind but WAIT….why is it that it’s so dry and where’s the soup? Hmm…Wait till you find out what’s in store in this steamboat.

Haha..Nice soup for it

TA DAA…That’s our soup for this steamboat. Hehe…Well I think I drank a whole small rice bowl of it. Cause if slow, gone liao.. all rushing to try.

Fish Soup Steamboat

The above is another different style, some kind of fish soup. Look at the fish tail just around the side. Well it’s a huge one. OK…so now I am hungry just by mentioning food. Well, though here there’s only Milo and Nescafe. Guess I better start making myself another cup of milo. See ya Weirdies. For those that want to know where’s this special dish, it’s around Tmn Serdang. * Slurps*


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