Food In Low Yat

danielctw go makan again, but this time in a commercialized place
Well, this place might not be as special as most of the other cari cari makan time. But this time is just a casual lunch somewhere in KL. So nothing much to say just that I din’t know they give such good deal when ordering certain types of food. Well, what to say, I don’t want to always eat “chap fan” la.. “Boh Sien ka?” So down down down danielctw went down to Low Yat to get some food before scouting for his gadgets.

Taiwan Sausage Rice
Cannot imagine leh… Eat Spicy Hot Taiwan Sausage Rice… lol

Five Seasons Rice
Then of course my friend who tagged along wanted something more, so he got the Special dish with 5 varieties… *drools*

Cheese Spaghetti
OK, guess what’s this?? Ha ha… usually people eat this kind of food in Kim Gary!!

Cheese Spaghetti Seafood
Ok, so danielctw brought another friend for the makan makan.. But focus is on the food haha!! Where you all looking??

So after all this pictures of food… Where’s the place?? How come no talk about it one.. Later hungry and if you pengsan, I no cover your insurance ar… ho ho ho

Good Happiness

So hungry or not?? WAKAKAKA!!


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