My Trips in Jakarta

1st Day
First impression… roads, but wait until I am out of the highway, OMG…the cars…there are lots and lots of them. Makes me feel ..argh I am stuck in LDP highway. First night was pretty darn free and easy. Anyway I’ve created a part story while there.

Reached here like 7pm Jakarta time. Now that’s 8pm in Malaysia. Stupid flight delay.
But had a fun time in the flight. Took KLM flight service. Much much cheaper than AirAsia and
boy was the food good. Haha…and we have variety of drinks to choose from, especially got
red wine, white wine & heineken beer. My mouth watering liao. Got food to eat.

Touched down at Jakarta Airport. Waliao…first impression nice place and road. Then see
OMG….the amount of traffic jam. The road condition of cars worse than KL. The cars so fierce
all can drive so near to each another, I already feel, “What, this is what I call expert drivers
can drive so near to each another, this is wat u call real traffic jam”

Imagine first day, go straight to eat at Garuda restaurant. Waliao…then suddenly got lots of
of other plans afterwards. Go to Sands discotheque. Man…so much alcohol consumed and the girls there….they stick to you like no one’s business. Hehee.. but actually I was looking at the time when I can go back to get some sleep.

Day 2
Next day – go to office and work. then dinner time went out to eat again. Eat some kind of dish and definitely there would be chilly anytime. Nothing much to say here.

Day 3
Oh….in the office once again and today’s Friday. Starting to feel sick because of the different weather. My colleague left me alone in Jakarta after he flew off for his brother felt sick in Kuala Lumpur. So left me all alone here. I wished I could go back too. I am having problem breathing the air here. Anyway the mornings and afternoon are spent at the office. Night time, have a time to look at Millenium Discotheque, well had 3 glasses of beer there, Indonesian beer called Bintang. Crazy…My head’s bursting not because of the alcohol but I am really sick. Before that dinner, I ate “Sup Sumsum Tulang Kambing” – (Goat’s Marrowbone Soup). Well first time trying it and I must say, well, it’s pretty yucky at first but then soon got over it.

Day 4
Haha..Saturday, changed to a new hotel and felt sick and just stayed in the hotel all the time without going out. Can’t stand the weather here though. So just slept thru out

Day 5
It’s a Sunday, well so today is mostly a rest day, went out to get souvenirs and batik for my dad. Hmm…had my hair cut here too. The funny thing is that in Jakarta, every service given must be rewarded a tip. No tips is like you’re pretty damn ‘kiam-sap’

Day 6
Oh My….Monday. Monday, another day in the office. Can’t really work that much. Presented my work to the client and giving them some training. Felt tired after that. I mean I am really sorry for the client to have to take care of me while I am there and falling sick. But the work still must go on. My taste for food also getting better before the days I can’t even taste anything. My taste buds are covered with my flu messing up all my taste.

Day 7 (Tuesday)
Finally….the day to fly back to KL. I am thankful somehow, I am going back but also wished I should have been healthy enough to visit around Jakarta. In the plane, talked to a lady from Amsterdam. Well the plane was on a connecting flight from Jakarta to KL to Amsterdam. So had a pleasant time talking to someone from another country, getting to know them. Well, learnt my first Dutch language, which is “Dan-guel”, that’s dutch for Thank you. Hehehe….Anyway touched down and I am still sick but can manage. Took the KLIA transit all the way back to KL Sentral for the Putra LRT. Reached home and man….I realised tomorrow I’ve got to go to office. Well that’s only for awhile coz night time after tomorrow’s office I’ll be off to Redang Island.

My story on Redang Island will be on the next entry. Till then. I’ll get some photos in.


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