Memories of Last Day in College

It seems just as if it was yesterday, when suddenly after the final paper, a whole bunch of us grew crazy and enjoyed what seems to be the likelihood of joining the working world (though now I wished I was studying)… darn…….. Well, it ...Read More

Kokorobox Port Dickson Memory

The way down memory lane is tricky. More intriguing than I thought. Previously you would have known that kokorobox under the guidance of Joey Tong or rather the founder of it, have organized their Port Dickson Year End Barbeque Party for the members of ...Read More

Eat, Play, and Relax in Port Dickson

Port Dickson, named from an English officer Sir John Frederick Dickson in 1889. Port Dickson is best known for its marine tourism surrounded by beautiful beaches. Not many expats heard about Port Dickson, however, when you have the chance for a short getaway… Port ...Read More

Tips for Traveling with Family?

Going on vacation with your family is probably something you look forward to all year if you’re like most people. After all, you probably don’t get out of the office for more than a weekend most of the time. Traveling with family isn’t always ...Read More

Visit the Beaches in Cuba

Those that know me, knows I love beaches and diving as my favorite holiday destination. One of my favorite is visiting distant countries to get to know about the different underwater wildlife and also the culture. This time it is all the way to ...Read More

Turtle Birthday!

It’s a turtle birthday!! LoL!! Not really, but guess what, when I reached my office the morning on Monday, I found something on my desk!! I was curious.. you know la… I thought someone left something on my desk cause trying to hide someone’s ...Read More