Perfect Cleaning Your Home to Sell

Getting ready to put your home on the market involves many moving parts. A very big task of not only cleaning your home; you have to declutter and depersonalize the rooms, but you must make sure they are sparkling clean – not an easy task if you are still living in the house. Getting a good base clean will help minimize the everyday surface clean-ups.

cleaning your home

Where To Start Cleaning Your Home


Because of constant tracked-in dirt, it’s an on-going task to keep floors clean. Many experts suggest cleaning and drying hardwood floors in sections with vinegar, castile soap or a gentle product made just for wood. For tile, first, remove built-up gunk with a putty knife or plastic credit card. This prevents the grit from scratching the tile when you mop. Carpets can harbor smells and stains that you stop noticing after a while, so be sure to get professional Austin carpet cleaning to return your carpet to a like-new state.


One of the most overlooked areas to clean is the grout between tiles found in your kitchen, bathroom and possibly even living areas. Because dirt builds up slowly, homeowners may not notice the discoloration, but potential buyers certainly do. After a WOW Total Cleaning, you will be shocked at what a difference clean grout can make to the overall appearance of a room.


Again, many homeowners don’t notice their own dusty baseboards, but once you start deep cleaning other areas of your home, you’ll want to include them on your chore list. Erasers will get rid of scuff marks and a cotton ball or swab will help wipe out the small grooves. Cleaning baseboards can easily be completed one room at a time, so it isn’t overwhelming.


Washing curtains is a chore, but one that must be done to show your house at its best. This is the part where cleaning your home is the toughest. Check for the manufacturer’s recommendations as some fabrics should only be dry cleaned. If your fabric can be machined-washed, use the gentle cycle with a mild detergent and air dry or set the dryer to low. Once your curtains are cleaned, maintain their dust-free life span by vacuuming every week.

Mini Blinds

There are several ways to clean mini blinds, but unfortunately, none of them are speedy. The best option is to clean them really well once and then dust them every week thereafter with a microfiber cloth. With the right kind of attachment, you can also vacuum blinds.

Cleaning a house to live in for yourself and cleaning a house to show to potential buyers are not the same level of clean. Putting in that extra work to keep your house shining just might make a difference in getting an offer.

More importantly, you will be considered lucky if you don’t live in a big home and you have to do all those things on your own.

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